Morgan Utah Wins Bid to Host 2022 Winter Olympic Games


Morgan Utah was awarded the 2022 Olympic Winter Games after beating out Honolulu Hawaii, Phoenix Arizona and Key West Florida. Gary Chapman, head of the Olympic committee, denied accusations that Morgan was awarded this honor because they threw in a $4.50 bribe and the secret to the secret sauce at Steph's Drive-in, saying that this had nothing to do with bribes and was strictly based on the fact that it does not snow in those other places.

Regardless, Morgan officials are thrilled at the opportunity to showcase small town Americana to the rest of the world. Mayor Todd Morgan (great grandson of Morgan founder Jebediah Hyrum Morgan) said he was esatic that people as far away as Wendover Nevada to Evanston Wyoming, would be able to see the city put on a great show. "One side of the world to the other" he stated. City Councilman Mark Mortenson noted the Mayor hasn't traveled much and wasn't quite up to date on how far the four corners of this earth really extend. "You'll have to forgive him" Mortenson stated, "He's not a world traveler like I am. In fact just last week I told him over coffee and pork rinds about my travels as far North as Omaha and and to the far East shores of Lake Tahoe."